AGM 2017







Present:  Kevin Reeves, Rod Wilkinson, Guy Finney, John Lewis, Brian Korkorue (Observer).

Interpreter:  Paul Bargery

Apologies:  Jan Lishman, John Ruddy, Asnath Lasola, Sarah Kay, Chris Kay, Penny Havlin, Beth Sewell.

Minutes of last meeting:  Approved.

Matters arising:

*Kevin unhappy that Russia attending Deaflympics due to main squad being unable to take part in the Olympics.

*USA team have withdrawn from Deaflympics in Turkey.

Finances:  Approved.

2017 Deaflympics – Kevin

*Six athletes are going.  Kevin Reeves is the manager / coach.

*Cost is approximately £2500 per athlete.  Very expensive.  This might have discouraged other athletes / staff from attending.  Some athletes would have had difficulty in fundraising the amount required.  Some athletes received funding from their clubs but this would not be the case for all athletes.

*Some sports eg football were fortunate to receive large contributions to help towards costs.  Other sports receive support from their governing bodies.  Unfortunately, this is not the case with UKDA who receive no funding from UKA.  Funding for UKDA needs to be improved.

*Kevin keen to improve connections with governing bodies.

*Philip Ounsley will be responsible for security and safety of the GB Team including athletics.

*There is a UKDS training day for the GB deaf Olympics tomorrow (30/4/17).  Kevin and Guy will be attending.

*There are no security concerns regarding deaf Olympics village in Turkey and it should be safe and well guarded.


*There is a European Indoor championships next year in Belorussia.  There is no information yet on accommodation, venue etc.  There was a discussion on attending.  Rod Wilkinson and John Lewis expressed an interest in attending as support staff.  Athletes interest needs to be assessed.  There is a question of how to get to Belorussia (apparently no direct flights from UK).

*UKDA need to get the calendar of events out to athletes to see expressions of interest for competitions.

*Athletes to meet indoor qualifying standards to attend.

*UKDA are waiting for confirmation of competition venues for 2020 and 2021.  It appears 2020 world championships and 2021 deaf Olympics both might be in Japan?

*Guy has expressed an interested in being Team Leader for European Chanpionships 2019.


*Discussion on kit for athletes.  Kevin / Guy have come up with a few designs.

*It was agreed that kit would be designed so it could be used continuously and not aimed for one specific event such as Deaf Olympics because this would make the kit dated quickly,

*A kit design was agreed.  Information on the kit will be made available in the near future.

*It is hoped the kit will be purchased by athletes and interested parties and funds raised could go towards UKDA.

UKDA Website

*Website needs improving / updating.

*UKDA need to enquire who can spare time and knowledge to work on the website.

*UKDA needs to maintain contacts with athletes and supporters old and new.  We need to inform ex athletes and supporters they are still welcome to be part of UKDA.

*Discussion on UKDA facebook page.


*UKDA needs to establish responsibilities of post holders such as team manager, secretary, finance officer etc.

Any Other Business

*Recruitment – Kevin would like to see an improvement in the way we recruit new athletes and members for the future.  There are concerns that if there is no continued recruitment of new members it might put UKDA in jeopardy in the future.  UKDA needs to develop strategic partnerships with UKA, athletics clubs etc to try and recruit new members.  It was also suggested we could contact schools, deaf clubs and deaf organisations to promote UKDA.

*It was proposed we E-Mail everyone on the current UKDA list to see if members could encourage new people to join UKDA.

*It was suggested we could contact UKA coaching courses to further promote UKDA and create further awareness of the needs of Deaf athletes.

*The Bi-Annual DSPY awards was held in 2016.  Several members of UKDA athletics attended and it was a good event.  It was proposed that in future DSPY might be a good opportunity to raise the profile of UKDA.

*Discussion surrounding ways of fundraising.  This included crowd funding, Face Book and social events.

*London Deaf Athletics Association and BID (in conjunction with NDCS) hold schools athletics competitions.  This might be a good way to recruit new members to UKDA.  Perhaps, ex Deaf Olympians could attend or pictures of Deaf Olympians with their medals could be provided at these events.

*Discussion over missing £27,000 from UKDA accounts.  This dates back to 2006.  What are the legal actions we can take?  Is there anything that can be done to recover the money?  There is a clear suspect.  Members agreed to go away and look into the issue of taking action, if any, is possible?

*During the meeting, Kevin demonstrated a light starter kit that he had constructed independently.

Date of next meeting

*March 2018 – TBC