Colette’s thoughts Day 3

Good afternoon, I had a really good gym session this morning, it was so hot, never sweat so much in my life lol, I felt good, strong!! I was doing bench press and some alekna sit up with weights and some pullovers (specific shoulder movers with a zed bar)
>> Afterward I had a nice shower, feel fresh. Me, Beth went out for a long walk for our recovery walk, done about 5miles. Went for some lunch with the team, it was very nice today finally had chicken! We are all going to track at 4.30pm so I can get used to the heat because when I complete its at 5pm, too hot!! When we get back from track me, Beth going to have a ice bath, not looking forward to it but its good for our muscles. I am really enjoying my self, catching up with friends. And getting prepared to compete
Colette training in the gym