Rebecca Foster

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Name: Rebecca Foster (hearing)
Age: Old enough!
Club: Harlow AC, Haringey AC, Wigan then finally Wakefield AC.
Coach: Ken Day, John Isaacs, Richard Geysie, Richard Ugale/Coach Sieben (USA scholarship), Wilf Paish, Brad McStravick.
Event/s: Heptathlon
Personal bests: 5165pts
How did you first get involved in athletics?
My PE teacher telephoned my parents to tell them that I had thrown the javelin a freakily long way for my age (11). She told them to take me to an athletics club.
Who has been your biggest influence in athletics and why?
Daley Thompson was always a favourite as he was doing the male equivalent of the event I wanted to do. Kathy Cook was also a good role model because she was succeeding at the time when I started to take part in athletics. Mary Peters also became a role model because she did the pentathlon. As I have got older Tanni Grey Thompson was a big influence on my change of career.
What, so far, has been your biggest achievement in athletics?
To be Team Manager and Coach for the athletics team in Sofia is by far the best privilege and achievement for me. For my own personal athletics achievement it meant a lot to get my vest for heptathlon as a Senior athlete. As a youngster (13) I won the All England Schools javelin champs and was National Champion, with various County honours along the way. Gaining a sports scholarship to the USA for athletics too.
What are your aspirations for the forthcoming Deaflympic Games in Sofia?
For the whole squad to do well in all their events, but for the athletics team to all medal. They are all capable of it.
What advice would you give to Deaf athletes who want to get involved in athletics?
Get yourself to your local athletics club and contact UK Deaf Athletics for support and to let us know who you are. It doesn’t matter what level you are training or competing at, we want to know who you are!!! I want as many young deaf athletes to know about the Deaflympic pathway as possible.
Can you tell us a funny story about yourself that no-one else knows about you?
I was at the All England Schools in Hull. I was about 13 and had forgotten my running knickers to throw in (lycra wasn’t invented then!!!). My parents had to go out and buy a new pair for me (not of my choosing) as a replacement. They were like little hot pants with no elastic in the bottom part. I kept thinking that I was pulling the black knicker down to cover my butt cheeks but instead I was pulling down my underwear knickers. Just imagine a black pair of running knickers like a thong and a pair of white Bridget Jones knickers being exposed. Cool eh? Nevertheless, I won the event, but sadly my dad told me AFTER the competition!