Melanie Jewett

mel webName:  Melanie Jewett

Age:  41

Club:  Eastleigh Running Club

Coach:  Noel O’Dowd

Event/s:  Marathon (primary), 10,000m (secondary)

Personal bests:  3:24:00 for the Marathon

How did you first get involved in athletics?

I used to run the 800m and cross-country for my school and county when I was younger.  Then when the Race for Life series came along, I started running again then and took part in more and more races, increasing the distance to finally running the marathon.

Who has been your biggest influence in athletics and why?

Paula Radcliffe has been a massive inspiration for me; she has achieved and now kept the world record for the marathon for over 10 years.  Despite all her knock backs and injuries, you can tell she always trains as hard as her body allows her.  She is an amazing person.

What, so far, has been your biggest achievement in athletics?

 Taking part in 57 marathons/ultras since 2003 and running my first sub 3:30 time in 2007…..the reward was my puppy, Dylan.

What are your aspirations for the forthcoming Deaflympic Games in Sofia?

I am training so hard to try and achieve a medal at the Games.  It would be a dream come true, but I just think being able to actually represent Great Britain at my distance is amazing enough and the whole experience of the Games will be incredible.

What advice would you give to Deaf athletes who want to get involved in athletics?

Go for it! Take something positive out of our disability and train hard.  I know that I would not qualify to run for Great Britain at the marathon in any other way than being fast enough for the Deaflympics.

Can you tell us a funny story about yourself that no-one else knows about you?  Watch this space!