Lauren Peffers

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Name: Lauren Peffers

Age: 24

Club: Edinburgh AC

Coach: Dave Robinson

Events: 400m & 800m

Personal Best: 400m-55.90;  800m-2:11

How did you first get involved in athletics?

I did an X-country for my local school and the athletics coach there at the time asked me to join the club and took it from there 15 years ago!!

Who has been your biggest influence in athletics and why?

Kelly Holmes,  I was doing the same events as her at the time  and I said to myself,” I want to be like her!!”

What, so far, has been your biggest achievement in athletics?

My biggest achievement has to be when I was in my first Deaflympics at Australia – Melbourne when I won the Gold and Silver medal at the age of 16.

What are your aspirations for the forthcoming Deaflympic Games in Sofia?

To aim to get more records and medals to make sure my name is on the record list and medal list so people will remember me when I retire.

What advice would you give to deaf athletes who want to get involved in athletics?

It is a brilliant event to compete in – going to different places-meeting new people and also competing against people with the same (dis)ability as you have yourself, rather than hearing people, gives you the same confidence.

Can you tell us a funny story about yourself that no-one else knows about you?

When I went away to my first European Deaf Games in Estonia Tallinn, I won the gold and silver medal. I had broken the European records twice in the 800m & 1,500m.

At the end of the games there was a party for everyone and there was a buffet for everyone. There was a crowd of us from the team who didn’t like the food so we took a walk for a McDonalds and while I was away I missed a presentation award for my new records it was a book of Estonia, Tallinn. (Whoops)